Software Training for New Customer

I was selected to help on a project in Washinton DC.  On the first day, the customer asked me to help him with the inventory tracking system he was using.  He didn't understand some of the functionality and wanted to do more with it than just see a list of things.  I was more than glad to help.  I had him log into his account and then I showed him how to navigate the system, build a catalog, manage the inventory - request, receive, issue, create reports, and so on. 

I showed him everything he needed to know and took notes to share with him.  After a few hours we were done.  He told me he learned more in that session than he did during the formal 3-day training! 

He commented on how knowledgeable I was and asked how long I've been working with the software.  I had to admit to him that it was the first time I ever saw it.  I was learning too.  That's why I took notes.







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