Prelude to Automation

My career began in the days of manual processes; manual labor, manual planning, manual scheduling, manual typing, manual accounting, manual time & attendance, manual computations, referring to technical manuals with tables and charts, manual filing & storage and manual everything else.

We generated endless volumes of data each day in our efforts to accomplish our Daily tasks.  If we were required to keep information, it was stored in filing cabinets using a manual filing system to make it easy to retrieve the information at a later date.

The processes were tried and true.  Weekly or monthly. we would search through information created manually and write down the information that would later be used to create a schedule.  The schedule would be typed on a manual typewriter and then distributed by pysically taking them to the various departments. 

When developing automated systems, if the manual way of doing business is successful, then we should automate the manual system, not create a new way to do business.  Ive seen too many failures because of that.




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