Devine abilities and The Magic Touch

Once I helped a friend, (Lennie Nugent) from church, fix his computers - his and his wife’s laptops. 

His was a slightly complicated issue but I easily fixed the problem by making some adjustments and corrections in the system registry. After I finished, I closed the registry editor and restarted the computer.  When it came back up, Lennie commented on how much better and faster it was running.  He asked me how I knew so much about computers.

 I admitted, I don't know, I just do. Whenever I look at a computer problem, the solution just pops in my head, like God just puts it there.

 As I slid Lynn's computer over to me, I chuckled and said, sometimes, I just touch the computer and it fixes itself.  Like God gives me healing powers. Lynn’s computer was working fine.  I asked Lenny what was wrong with it.  He said I should see the error on the screen, but there was no error.  I turned it back around and said, see? All I did was touch it.  

 Both computers worked fine for months after that!


This happens very often; I can’t explain it.


One day I was at my daughter, Christina Stone’s house to help work on her camper/trailer. I was going to change a lightbulb in the taillight that wasn’t working.  I was telling her how sometimes I just touch things and they work.  Just as I leaned against the camper, and the light came on.  I said, see?  


UPDATE: On August 6th, 2021, I went to King's Korner Restaurant at the Chesterfield County Airport.  I take care of their computers and security cameras.  I wasn’t planning on working on the cameras but while I was in the office, I noticed that all but two of the cameras were out.  I asked Dickie King How long they were out, and he said it just happened that day.  The cameras were off all morning.  I was going to do a quick check of the cable connections and as soon as I touched the DVR, all the cameras came back on!

Dickie asked me what I did.  I said, “I touched it.”  He laughed, “what did you do to fix it?”






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